A bit about me

Sharad Yadav

With over 20 years in vocational ministry, I have extensive training and experience in supporting both individuals and families in crisis. As an undergraduate at Boise State University (BA History, 1998), my interest in liberal arts (literature, history, and philosophy) characterized my entire career, throughout my ministerial training (M.Div, 2001). My current training in psychotherapy (MA Counseling Psychology, 2024) continues a lifelong interest and study in human motivation and the possible sources of hope in the midst of anxiety and despair.

As the child of immigrants, raised in a rural setting, I also maintain a passion for racial justice and identify with minority experiences. Having suffered with both depression and anxiety, weathering spiritually abusive environments and attending to the severe mental suffering of friends and family, I know both the pain and hope involved in healing from psychological and spiritual wounds. If you’re struggling, please reach out and book a free consultation or make an appointment. You’re not alone.

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Your story is important

While therapy can provide coping skills, emotional relief and practical solutions, ultimately it is about self-understanding. My vocation exists to help you embrace your own story so that you can live with greater peace, purpose, acceptance and joy.  

Why work with me?


Safe, collaborative, client-centered respect and empowerment

Diversity Inspired

Non-judgmental, informed empathy for diverse racial, gender and sexual orientations

Depth Oriented

A counseling experience aimed not only at practical change but personal transformation


Proven, evidence-based clinical help shaped around your concerns


“When my family was at a place of crisis, facing a situation of abuse and addiction spiraling out of control Sharad provided a safe space for me to rant, cry, process and eventually come to acceptance. He helped me to set boundaries and come back into a place of owning my strength.”
Elizabeth K.
“Sharad has a non-judgmental way of meeting you where you are, even in your darkest, most shameful moments, with empathy, understanding and a deep compassion that is a rarity in our world. I am so grateful for the way he has been able to help me cope with mental health crises, name what I couldn’t, and insightfully call such strength out of me that I’m not sure I would have seen otherwise.”
Shelly H.
“Sharad is a skillful counselor who creates a safe place - a sacred place - where one can bring fears, burdens and doubts. His own brokenness and deep wisdom form a compassionate approach of a wounded healer, who graciously helps others discover the path toward wholeness in life's difficult transitions."
Bonnie R.

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