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Non-judgmental, trauma-informed help for mental and emotional distress

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Clinical treatment of mental, emotional, and relational pain.

Hi, I'm Sharad Yadav

I’m a graduate student in counseling psychology with 25 years of ministerial experience and formal training in counseling and spiritual direction. It has been my life’s work to walk alongside those who suffer with emotional and existential pain. I hope to be able to offer the empathy, learning and personal freedom that has come from my own bruised-but-healing humanity. 


“As a counselor his non-anxious presence, deep listening, elicitive "teach me" approach and understanding, have companioned me through some very stressful times. I highly recommend Sharad. His calling, passion, skills, and gifts are worthy of your time and investment in reconciling life's brokenness with the need for personal courage and hope.”
Tony R.
“I was going through it, my parents had finalized their divorce and in the midst of a pandemic I couldn’t have felt more alone and confused with my own thoughts and feelings. I met with Sharad once a week and I’ve never looked forward to something more. The environment and safety that he provided made my emotions feel justified and gave me a place hurt and to heal.”
Silas J.
“Whenever I am with Sharad, I feel seen and understood. He has been a gentle guide through pain and doubt, and spiritual direction with him has renewed my loyalty and love for Jesus. Sharad’s humorous and authentic presence is disarming, allowing me to explore my spirituality in a new and meaningful way. I leave our sessions feeling more centered and at peace with a greater understanding of the Divine.”
Renjy A.

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